In extreme drought conditions in the state the State Forestry Commission will issued a
statewide burning ban. There have been a lot of questions concerning the difference between
a Red Flag Alert and a Burning Ban. A Red Flag Alert is not a ban; the alert is used to notify
the public that extreme fire conditions exist and burning should be delayed until the alert is
lifted. A Burning Ban is just that a ban of
ALL outdoor burning.

The Cheraw Fire Department will place a Red Flag out front located on the Fire Department
sign to help notify the public when there is a Red Flag Alert and the dangers of out door
burning during this alert period. All outdoors burning in the town limits must be approved by
the Cheraw Fire Chief and may be allowed depending on conditions, location and other
factors. Permission must be received from the fire department prior to burning or you will be
asked to extinguish the fire and or face a possible fine.

When the state issues a complete burning ban the Fire Department will place a black flag in
place of the red flag to signify the complete ban.

The S.C. State Forestry has changed their method for issuing permits. To burn routine yard
debris you should call 1-800-986-3596. A permit number will no longer be issued for routine
yard debris, however you still must notify the Forestry service anytime you plan to burn
outdoors. The automated service will record your name, address, and burn location and time
you plan to burn. We have access to this service to check for verification you have notified
the Forestry appropriately.To burn larger debris such as clearing property you must contact
the Forestry at 1-800-777-FIRE. At this time you will be given a Burn Permit number.

At all times persons burning outdoors must be aware that any damage caused from their fire
intentional or not can be held accountable and for any damages.