The Cheraw Fire Department is a combination paid volunteer department located in eastern
Chesterfield County, South Carolina. We have an ISO class of 3.  The department is
responsible for providing fire protection for the Town of Cheraw and the rural area out side
the town limits. We do this with a total of 10 fulltime personnel. We have 9 on a 24/48-shift
rotation, the Chief who works Mon-Fri.  We depend heavily on our 1
2 on-call personnel to
complete the department. Daily responsibilities for the fulltime staff included general cleaning
around the station, cleaning and checking the equipment on the 9 trucks at the station, two
equipment trailers,  and "other duties as needed". We also have an active Fire Prevention
program with station tours along with visits to school, civic clubs, and churches in the
community. There are 4 fulltime personnel that are fire/arson investigators that determine the
cause and origin of fire. 4 of our personnel are also certified State Fire Marshals that conduct
inspection and pre-planning of local business and industry.
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