Fulltime Personnel
On Call Personnel
Chief Marvin Murray
Capt./FFII Wayne Quick
Lt./FFII  Bryan Harper
Lt./FFII  Philip Dickson
Eng./FFII  Kyle Brower
Eng./FFII  Daniel Rivers
Eng./FFII  Eric Taylor
Eng./FFII Tommy Brock
Eng./FFII Jordan Brady

Eng./FF   Spencer Sellers
Capt/FFII Scott Caraway
Lt./FFII Bruce Kimery
Lt./FFII Bryan Edwards
FFII Roy Allison
FF Tommy Brower
FF Carl Compton
FFI Ron Freeman
FFII Joshua Hatchell
FF Tommy Johnson
FFII John L. Melton III
FFII Christopher Murray
FFII David Russell
FFII=NFPA Firefighter II
FFI =NFPA Firefighter I
FF  = 1131or 1152
PF  = Probationary Fireman
Jr FF = Junior Firefighter
FFII Chris Smith
FFI Brad Treadaway
FFII Albert "Bo" Wallace
Jr FF Chase Dean
Jr FF Kyle Kirkley
Jr FF Ethan Quick
Jr FF John L. Melton IV
Jr FF Patrick Roscoe
Chaplin Donnie Chapman
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Note: Some personnel in the photo have retired and some joined the department after the picture
was taken.